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getting into Canada with a gun

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next summer we are doing a trip to Alaska and am wondering what's required to cross the Canadian border with a shotgun ? thanks for any help
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WB0SPL said:
cycledude said:
i feel plenty safe with just a good bear resistant tent
:shock: Is there such a thing...ever seen the claws on a "Griz"?
I think the only bear-safe tent is called a hotel! :lol: (just kidding)

I lived in Alaska for 3 years and from my experience, bears don't want anything to do with humans. The only 2 bears I saw (outside a zoo) were black bears and they were trying to get AWAY from people, not go after them. Unless you take your bikes and go off-roading, I don't think you'll have a problem with bears. People who live in those areas are usually very good at having bear-proof trash bins, etc.

Remember, you cannot outrun a Grizzly, so always travel with someone who runs slower than you do! :lol:
1 - 1 of 88 Posts
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