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Couple of questions...

The link goes to a place that has no download there another place to get the firmware update?

Won't step 5 overwrite the firmware update?

Thanks for your post:thumbup:

Step 1. Download the firmware file from It's not locked and can be freely shared among as many people as you like. The file is called gupdate.gcd The file is a little over 3 megs so it's easily e-mailed around. Someone else said they borrowed one out of a 2008 GL at the dealership to get the file with the dealers permission. Don't bother asking Garmin...they just tell you to go buy the $199 CF card. :roll:

Step 2. BACK UP YOUR CARD or use a new one. Simply copy the files you have on your CF card to your hard drive and remember to put them in a \GARMIN folder so if something goes wrong, you can easily restore them.

Step 3. Copy the gupdate.gcd to your CF Card BY ITSELF in a folder called \GARMIN That's the only file that should be on the card...just a folder and a file.

Step 4. BEFORE you put the card back in the GPS, power up the bike (acessory is fine) and don't press the ENTER button when prompted by the GPS. NOW go around to the trunk and stick the CF card in. Now patient. When you put the card in, the GPS will set there for a little while with just the default Navigation logo screen. It looks like it's not doing anything, but be patient...don't turn the key off. It will eventually read the card and pull the update file into the GPS unit. A small black box at the bottom of the screen will eventually load and show you what's going on. When it's done, the GPS will reboot itself. You can check and make sure that the version number under System info is 4.31

Step 5. Now go take your card back to your PC and restore the files you backed up. Put it back in the GPS and you should be good to go with your maps.
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