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Tulsa tie-down method to trailer a Wing

I moved my Wing by trailer to Tennessee in October 2008 in a Penske truck. I made a frame to provide tie-down points and used the Tulsa method to secure the bike.

Below are photos of the frame I constructed to secure the bike during transport. The securing method can also be seen at:

The bike easily made the 600 mile trip there (and back when I decided not to retire from the Navy) with absolutely no mishaps.

Photos below. Hope these help someone.

U-shaped 4x4 frame with 2x6's and 2x10's as cross members; Condor wheel chock

Eye bolts thru 4x4's

Corner reinforcements

8-14-08 New photos

Front secured through triple tree

Secured to frame pulling forward

Safety bar and subframe secured in the rear; frame secured to deck with screws

Hopefully she'll make the 600-mile trip unscathed

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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