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GLFlyer's Platinum Metallic 2006 GL1800


2006 GL1800
Heated Seats/Grips
Premium Sound
Platinum Metallic
63,000 miles
2 Bell 3/4 helmets with J&M headsets

Purchased: March 20, 2011

Known Issues:

  • Heated seats/grips did not work (Fixed: See below)
  • Rear speakers did not work (Fixed: See below)
  • Fog lights did not work (Fixed: See below)
  • Cruise did not work (Fixed: See below)
March 20, 2011

Flew from DFW to Jacksonville to pick up bike and rode back to DFW non-stop.
  • Installed Kuryakyn Ergo II ISO pegs, a Plug & Play power adapter in the left pouch, and a TourKing Cup Holder before I left Jacksonville. I had packed these along with my tools for the trip out there.
  • Original owner had a new slipstream windshield that I also installed prior to leaving his house. I left the old one there.
April 2011

  • Oil Change
  • Removed all stickers from the bike's trunk and front fender (military base sticker).
  • Installed Kuryakyn Tranformers
  • Installed Kuryakyn Floorboards with Heel-Toe shift.
  • Changed out the 6" Ergo II ISO peg arms for the Mini arms.
  • Fixed heated seat/grips and rear speakers that weren't working by finding and repairing two pinched wires in the trunk hinge area on the right side.
  • Fixed the fog lights by taking apart the fog light switch, cleaning the contact point, bending it back to original shape, and re-installing it. Almost lost the contact spring when it flew across the garage.
  • Fixed the Cruise control by refreshing the micro-switches under the brake lever and filing down the backside of the brake lever just a bit.
  • Refreshed front speaker grills by removing them, sanding and cleaning them, then repainting them.
May 2011

  • Installed Hondaline CB ($599 via
  • Installed Wingstuff 3pc Deluxe Carpet Kit for Trunk and Saddlebags.
  • Replaced the GPS buttons due to previous owner spilling brake fluid on them and causing them to melt/distort. eBay find from a Honda dealer... I found the entire button assembly, new in the box, for @ $125. :)
  • Installed my Garmin ZUMO 550 from my 1500.
  • Installed the BikeMP3 GPS Mic Interface allowing me to use fully utilize the ZUMO's features via the AUX function. Also allowed me to use the Bluetooth features of my cell phone via the ZUMO.
  • Purchased new HJC Sy-Max II Modular Helmets and transferred my J&M headsets to them.
June 2011

  • Purchased Fred Harmon's DVD's via Forums.
  • Purchased a new heated seat to replace old one (seams were starting to split) via Forums
  • Purchased a Small Tourcom Helmet, with J&M headset, for my daughter via Forums.
  • Purchased a VIP membership in anticipation of many more orders to come.

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August 2011

Heat is finally breaking here in DFW. Looks like I can actually get out and enjoy some time in the garage with the bike. :)

  • Installed new Kuryakyn/Mustang Seat.
  • Installed J&M passenger controller (Purchased via forums)
September 2011

  • Installed Kuryakyn front fairing chrome trim (WingStuff)
  • Installed front fairing intake chrome trim (WingStuff)
  • Installed clear front signal lenses with chrome/amber bulbs (Forums)
  • Installed blue Muth Mirrors with turn indicators (Forums)
  • Installed Kuryakyn passenger drink holder (WingStuff)
  • Installed Ground Loop Isolator for AUX input items. (WingStuff)
  • Installed new Spark Plugs (WingStuff)
  • Installed new Air Filter (WingStuff)
  • Installed new Brakes (Forums and WingStuff)

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October 2011

Getting ready for a 9 day trip to Gatlinburg & the Smokey Mountains.

  • Oil Change: Switched to Mobil 1 Racing 4T Synthetic, 10W-40.
  • Replaced bad heated grips with new ones... That was a pain.
  • Installed new Windbender windshield with the electric option.
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