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Pa Memorial Day weekend

Look down the Posting here there is a ride to Lancaster County posted a couple weeks ago there are a lot of things posted there to do.
You will find most of the tourist things are on the south side on Lancaster.
Even though The Amish are not my favorite group of people. This is a very Beautiful area and there are a lot of thing to do and see there. I lived in the area for a while and still have a brother in the area.
Just want you to know that Rolling Thunder is In DC that weekend only a few more miles down the road. This is on of the most moving Events you could ever attend. The ceremony at the Wall on Friday night is so moving you just get a feeling over you that is un real. Then to see the momuments of the Koran War at night is just not explainable. Don't know if you have ever been there about 300,000 motor cycles great weekend. I would highly recommond it.
Bob:congrats: on the New Wing
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