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Gold Wing Windshield Installation

How do I pick the proper shield for me?

This is the age old question, “do I look through the windshield or over the top”. It has been our experience with any other windshield due to clarity and rain shedding you should look over the shield. However with the "optical clarity" and "rain shedding" ability of the F4 Customs windshield you now have the option to have extra protection that you can get from looking through and being behind the taller windshields.

Feel Free to Call our Motorcycle Windshield Specialists @ 330 968 4644

Will the Windshield for the Gold Wing reduce the head buffeting and microphone noise my co rider is experiencing?

This question is asked most often by Goldwing Riders who have tried other shields and although the rider is satisfied with the wind deflection the co-rider continues to get head buffeting and microphone noise.

The Plus 4 windshield was designed by Don Frank to eliminate these problems which his wife Mary was experiencing. Subsequently, it has proven to be one of the most popular windshields on the market. The height, width and angle were designed to move the wind up and over both the rider and the co-rider which highly reduces the head buffeting and the microphone noise. For more help in picking which Goldwing shield is right for you, click here.

Pick the right shield for you at

Once you have chosen your F4 Gold Wing Windshield watch this video to see how to install. Click Here!
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