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There's not a lot of Honda dealers still in business around this area of the Central-Coast / South Bay of SF, and even less with good service reputations. For those that may be close enough, I just wanted to alert you to what I think is a good one in the Campbell (San Jose) area. You wouldn't necessarily know they sell Honda's by their name because they sell a variety of brands, including jet skiis -- but I have had my 2007 GL1800 serviced there a number of times and have been very happy. They almost always have a Goldwing or two for sale on their showroom floor (I saw a beautiful Black and Silver 2012 there today) and they actually have a number of mechanics with lots of Goldwing experience. They were very accommodating when I called yesterday saying I needed an emergency rear tire replacement (the plug I use on my punctured tire just wasn't doing the job and I was losing air fast). Even though they were booked solid for the next few days, the Service Manager (Pete) said if I could bring the bike in as soon as they opened today at 9 am, he would fit me in right away to put on the new Metzler he had in stock. True to his word, I was IN at 9 and OUT by 9:45.

G P Sports Camden Watercraft
2020 Camden Ave
San Jose, CA
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