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:coffee1: Good Morning Eveybody!!! Running a little slow this morning, going to need an extra pot of coffee it feels like... oh well, only one more day this week and then 4 day's off.... I feel a ride coming on.... Be Safe and Let's Ride!!!! :sw1:

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Re: Good Morning

EarlyBird said:
Good Morning all. What a game for Packer fans. Very emotional, yet played with the maturity of a professional. A salute to Brett Frave and his family in this time of sorrow.
He looked pretty darn good last night. Too bad they didn't let him in long enough to reach 400 yards. 1 more is all he needed. Passing for over 300 in the first half was quite a feat.

See you at the Super Bowl !?!?

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A bit nippy here today, but getting ready to travel to Orlando and be with the granddaughter for Christmas. Also, tomorrow is my (groan) 49th birthday anniversary.

So let's celebrate with a good hearty breakfast of:

French toast made from thick sliced sour dough bread (don't forget a little cinnamon in the batter)
a large dollop of sweet creamery butter
enough Vermont pure maple syrup to drown a horse
thick sliced grilled ham
and 3 eggs over medium!

That with MotoJoe's coffee, ought to be a good start to the holidays.

Fer sher, I'l return to the board on Monday, but may be able to sneak in from time to time when I'm down south.

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