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I have to put in a big :yes1: to Bob Lunsford Northwest Honda in Houston. As you may be aware (refer to "Where did I go wrong" thread) I layed my GW down in wet conditions and did some significant damage, mostly to the plastic.

The NW Honda service rep, Kevin Craig, was outstanding. He did all the communications with the insurance rep and oversaw the rebuild of my GW. I got the bike back in less than 2 weeks after the insurance agent sent the check. Most everything was in good order. I found a few screws and bolts that were still loose, but that is to be expected when you replace all that plastic and other stuff. The big thing is that everything worked as it was supposed to. I had them replace the OEM tires with new Avons and my total cost was only for the tire replacement. Kevin discounted enough of the original bid to take care of my deductible.

These guys have been great at NW Honda in Houston. I purchase both my VTX 1800F and GW airbag from them and have no complaints about any work I've had done there. I do most of the standard maintenance myself, but would have no issues having them do all the work if I could afford it.

I know we complain a lot about dealers, but there are a few out there that deserve special recognition - and I think NW Honda in Houston deserves that.

Others may have different opinions. I just wanted to get my 2 cents in.

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I forgot to mention that I took the bike back to them because I couldn't break loose the bolt to the new highway pegs they replaced to adjust the position. I ended up rounding out the hex head in the bolt trying to break it loose. I also couldn't lower the windscreen after lifting it to the full up position to reset the mechanism.

They were able to remove the bolt on the highway peg and replaced it, and checked out the windscreen mechanism. The windscreen mechanism was broken - it was just difficult to engage because it was a new mechanism. The tech who worked on the bike ( I don't have his name, but he did most of the rebuild on the bike) showed me how to work it until the mechanism gets worn in a little.

The service manager (Corky) took care of me for this call and made sure everything was to my satisfaction. They, again, provided wonderful service and took care of me and my problems (at no additional cost!).

Sorry to rave about this particular dealer, but I've seen a lot of bad publicity about Honda dealers and wanted to let you know my experiences with at least one good one!
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