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Guidelines for Posting in the FSBO Classifieds

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UPDATED Guidelines for posting in the Classified FSBO


The Classified Ads are for the benefit of our members so that you may sell your old or no longer needed gear here.

Important- When we say “sell your gear here” we are referring to you or your immediate family members. These classifieds are a service for our members to sell their merchandise but we do not want to restrict members from helping sell their immediate families’ merchandise also. Please keep this for immediate family members only. Your friends or your cousin does not qualify.

The registered forum member will be responsible for all communication and satisfaction of the sale even if you list an item for a family member.


Do not include links to outside advertising. (i.e. no eBay, Craigslist, or FaceBook Market Place links).

No "businesses" ads.
(If you buy and sell merchandise here "all the time" as a sideline, that's a "business").

Include all the information for what you are selling in the post.
Include the price. No "taking offers."
If you need help with pictures, contact a moderator.

In order to be fair to all, guidelines have been established for posting items for sale by owner on this board. One of those guidelines is to limit your "bumps" to once per week. Lately, some members have been bumping their items for sale posts every other day or every third day if they don't get a response/inquiry.


No thread crapping allowed. We don’t want to see "that's way too high " or "that's junk. Questions needed to be asked that may harm sale of item should be through a PM. Treat all fellow members as they are a close brother and all is good.

Riders helping riders is what we strive for .


DO NOT post your personal information such as telephone number or e-mail in the public post. Save this information for private "conversations" on the forum. Scammers abound, and we have a duty to help protect our members.

We will remove your personal e-mail and/or telephone numbers in order to help protect our board from spammers. Communicate either on this board, or by private “Conversations” (PMs).

The forum software requires that a member have a minimum of 5 posts before they are allowed to send a Conversation. This helps deter spammers, for most of them will not spend the time to post 5 messages. However, it also stops valid new members from sending conversations. A new member will have to either communicate openly on the board or make 5 posts before they can send a Conversation.

Do not use Zelle, PayPal Friends and Family or any cash transfer app that provides no recourse if you get scammed. If you know the party you're dealing with, that's different, but if you're dealing with a new member with hardly any posts, it's better to be safe than sorry.

If you suspect you are dealing with a scammer in Conversation messages, contact the admins and "Invite" them to the Conversation so we can see the message. You can also copy the Conversation and send it to us via a new Conversation addressed only to the admins.

We are seeing an uptick in members who are joining the forum and their first post on the forum is made on the WTB, Classifieds 4 Sale, States, and World boards. The posts are one word; "Hi," "Hey," or some other non word consisting of two letters. A short time later, these new members contact members who are looking for a particular item on the WTB board via conversations or by the members email address. Typically the post says; "I have a friend and his name is ---. He has what you are looking for and you can contact him at this email address.

Do not respond to these type of posts. If you receive a "conversation," from these members, do not reply to the conversation. Report the conversation.


With the new format, here's how to report a possible scammer: On the scammers post, go over to the 3 dots on the right side of the post. Click on them, 'report' will drop down. Report the 'member' in question & we'll do our best to check 'em out. If they've joined within the last month, proceed with caution......
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