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Our season ending race is on September 10 in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

We have had 2 drop out of the motorcycle support team and we to replace them ASAP. One can be a trike but we must have at least one two wheeled motorcycle.

You get a $50 Outback Steakhouse dinner card, a t shirt, and food after the race.

I need 2 forum members to join me so you can experience being eiding with by skinny people in spandex.

I REALLY REALLY need help here yall. We have to run this race with a smaller crew and I need some help.

The Brett Robinson Alabama Coastal Triathlon has grown to almost 1000 racers and is part of the "Best in the US Championships"

The racers in this event range from absolute beginners to professional “Elites”

Don’t worry if you have never done one as we show you what to do and we have designed some of our jobs for those new to race escorts.

The speeds of the bicycles on flat ground will surprise you. It’s a fast course and the faster racers are done in well under an hour.

This is an easy race and we should be done by 10 am or before. Our team photographer will be with us so you may be on our web site and she will gladly shoot photos if you want/need them.

We will meet at "The Hangout" in Gulf Shores at 6:30 am. The Hangout is located at 101 E Beach Blvd, Gulf Shores Al, 36542

So come on down, you get a shirt, a sausage biscuit, food, other things, nice scenery. Just over 1000 thin racers will be there and the race won’t happen without motorcycles.

No, you do not have to ride on the beach or in the water. (I was asked that in an email)

There will be food afterwards.

Please let me know your T shirt sizes ASAP.

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