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While in Flagstaff for training this week, AZ Secretary of State Ken Bennett, spoke to the assemblance on several topics. One which really perked my ears up, dealt with honoring our Arizona veterans. Mr. Bennett discovered that a gun which had been installed on the USS Arizona, was in the states getting relined...on December 7, 1941. This gun was recently discovered sitting unused these past 70 years in Virginia.

After negotiating with the site manager (?), Arizona will soon be getting one gun from the Arizona and one gun from USS Missouri, in time for our centennial next February.

Many entities have already stepped up in the effort to provide the guns final resting emplacement on the lawn to our state no charge.

What is really appreciative, is that not one penny of public monies will be spent in this endeavor. Mr. Bennett said there are roughly 100K+ veterans currently residing within the borders of Arizona. If each of those veterans would give ONLY $5, then the full cost of delivery and setup will be met.

Enjoy the articles.

- David
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