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Just wanted to say a few words of praise about the GWTA
Fresno Ca. Chapter for Sundays Blossom Trail Ride .
The tour guide leaders took groups as large as 25 to 30 at a time scooting down the freeway and the country roads.

Fresno is Ca and the nations fruit and vegetable capital. The amount of groves with plum, cherry, apricot and other fruits is really something to behold and the fragrence is just heavenly.
About an hour later, we were back to the picnic grounds and a wonderful tri-tip lunch with fresh salad, beens and a biscuit. Desert was provided by the kitchens of the Fresno Chapters wives and some of the husbands too.

There were door prizes, and tickets for a 50/50 drawing (half of the money goes to the ride for kids and the other half is awarded to lucky ticket holder) and a raffel for an assortment of prizes

A good time had by all.

Buck Yellow Wing

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