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2003 gl1800 with Champion Escort sidecar
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I agree the HID's are bright & probably the way to go.
I was going to put PIAA 910's under the mirrors until I talked to a few LD riders & they suggested 80 watt Phillips Rally bulbs
I put 80 watt Phillips Rally bulbs in the high beams last spring. The rally bulbs along with PIAA 1100X's would almost start forest fires. Problem was when I had to dim to the lows I couldn't see anything. I tried the PIAA 55/80's in the lows, it wasn't what I wanted, they were still too dim. So, I put the 80's in the lows. WOW! What a difference. It's exactly what I was looking for.
Hi Sleddog,
I was thinking about something like the Phillips Rally bulbs, but was concerned about the added heat affecting the bulb's longevity and damaging the headlight plastic. Also can the bike's wiring take the additional power.
Have you used the Phillip bulbs long enough to see if they damage any of the above concerns?
1 - 1 of 70 Posts
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