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Hal started another sale today!

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Of course he did, 2 days after I spent $350 with Direct Parts :wrong: ;););)

(just kidding, if I waited for every sale I'd never have anything.....)
Two hours after I ordered my new tires!!!!

How about it Hal....should I cancel my tire order and re-order to get the discount???
One day after I ordered another Butler cup and holder :shrug:
4 days after I order a light speaker grill.
And five days after I ordered my service manual and air filter. Took four days to get a conformation email on the filter. Just got the conformation today. Hell I thought they forgot about me.
Moral of the story

Always, ALWAYS wait until the sale then pay cash......:wrong::eek:4:
I should have posted on the board right after I bought some stuff from Hal.

Because he ALWAYS has a sale AFTER I buy.....................:wrong:
Two hours after I ordered my new tires!!!!

How about it Hal....should I cancel my tire order and re-order to get the discount???
Not if you ordered a set on special, you won't get a discount. I tried that with the set of Elite III's for $309.00. Since it is already a special sales price, it won't discount any further. I just had to try it for the he)) of it.

too bad for you boys...

i planned abead

my order was all ready to go, as soon as the sale was opened up

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Never Fails... right after I buy parts....

Been waiting for it... Got the extended warranty to name one thing... :)
I ordered a set of 'Stones on Tuesday (no discount since they are already on sale) and they were sitting on my porch when I got home this afternoon. That's some fast shipping!!
Yeah. Hal's MADNESS sale cost me almost $800 this week. My wife wanted me to buy the CB for when we do group rides. I didn't really want to pay the price for one but--whatever keeps Mama happy. Anyway, I got the CB, antenna, push to talk/volume control for her and a drink holder for her for less than I would have paid the Honda dealer for the CB alone.

I've done my part this week to stimulate the economy.

Hal. Please don't do anymore sales. You're killing my best excuses for not buying something!!!!:shrug:
Hal's just trying to temp us 'hold outs' to spend money.

For those of you who "just missed" the sale start, it might make you feel better to know that you have to spend $200 to get the 10% discount.

That said, I placed a $700 order just after the sale started. I saved nearly $50 and everything is shipped free. The tires I bought were already a great deal, even without the extra 10%, so I'm a happy camper!

Thanks Hal!
I didn't know this!!!!

Soooo...Back to the top!!!

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