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Here's what happened.

A friend of mine from Atlanta bought me some T-Shirts for Christmas from HDL. When He sent me the shirts, two of them were the wrong size. His fault, not HDL's.

I spoke to several different people at HDL to try to get this resolved, but was unsuccessful. Basically, he would have to return them and the correct ones would be shipped back to ATL. I have them here in FL, so it was a little bit of a challenge how to handle the situation.

So, I made a quick call to Hal, and told him the problem. He said "No big deal. Send them to my attention and I'll take care of it" That was last Thursday, 1/18. The correct ones just showed up at the house via UPS.

HAL, YOU ARE THE BEST! Even if I have to pay Florida sales tax, I'll continue to get my "stuff" from you.

Thanks very much!

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