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I had Reg before and I must have taken them off and put them back on about 4 times...they were good on the long run, but the bars come in too much and make slow manuvering cumbersome...

These handlebar riser shim I found in the J&P Cycles for 19.99
Part # ZZ50366
and they promised it would raise the bar 1.5 inch without bringing them in...Just installed them and these may be a keeper...the hoses did not even move...they raise the bars ever so slightly...The instructions are terrible but if you read the instruction in the Kury board for installing their riser--same thing!

it seems more comfy for my arms length and the price was right...Kury make an elaborate one with 5 settings, all of which bring the handle bars inward...

FOR ROOKIES (like me): When you replace the plastic button on the dash make sure you put your finger in the back and squeeze the button into the dash...otherwise they may just sit there dangling in the front hole...I used an allen wrench stick tool, instead of a socket, to sit the screw in the dash...the socket, especially with an extension, are harder to use for seating the dash screws in the hole...make sure the speaker cover clip correctly...sometimes they look like they are in but not quite...I lost one that way...good luck
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