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I posted most of this information in another thread, but felt it might be better served in it's own thread.

I am trying to put together a complete list of parts used, and some simple DIY service information, for the Hannigan trike kit, as well as obtain some aftermarket suspension component and setting prefferences, that different riders might use/have for their GL1800 Hannigan trikes.

Credit for providing the information goes to Dawg, Missouri Charley, Ben, Doc, Dozerman, Spencer, Onevw ....... and I'm sure a few others (that I apologize in advance for not remembering the names of) that actually provided the information so I could mostly just cut and paste it all together. :)

If anyone has anything to add, or I've made a mistake 'PLEASE' feel free to correct me.

The vented rotors and calipers are from a Honda Civic CRX from 1984 through and including 1987 as are the hubs.
For pads, the recommended ones are Hawk HPS Front Brake Pads for 1985-1987 Honda Civic (1.3L) - P/N: HB397F.585
I know of one person that has switched the stock CRX rotors with rotors from R1 Concepts (drilled and slotted @ ~$75 a pair) and has reported much better stopping with these pads and these rotors.

The specs for the wheels are 15"X7" 4-100 w/39mm offset.
eBay lists a lot of wheels that are spec'd like this, in 38 to 40mm offset (by searching for the the specs.) starting at ~$100. Caution has been recommended to stay close to the stock wheel's offset spec, and the OEM Michelin Harmony 185/60R15 tires, for clearance reasons.

The rear differential is Ford Thunderbird 1989-1997 with a final drive ratio of 2.73 . (I don't know the fluid or service interval ... anyone?)

The inner CV joint is Thunderbird.

The outer CV joint is Honda Civic CRX.

The front universal joint is the factory GL1800 as is the driveshaft, this is coupled to a Thunderbird U-joint in the rear.
Grease the 2 swing arms every 30000 miles.
It's recommended you either get a 90º tip for your grease gun, or two 90º zerk fittings to be able to grease all the fittings.

The rear shocks are Progressive I.A.S. shocks, with a standard progressive spring rate of 200/300, and with 5 preload settings.
Progressive part # is 640-1302-002.
They can be purchased only through Hannigan, but Progressive does honor the warranty on those and will deal directly with the owner on those warranty issues regardless if they are the first or a subsequent owner.

It has been suggested that Hannigan advises and/or uses Progressive springs in the front forks, as well as adding 1.25" fork extenders, and a 4.5 degree rake to their GL kits.

Hopefully others can help with the following, or have other information to make this more complete:

What stabilizer bar is used?

What lube is used in the differential?
How often should it be inspected and/or replaced?

If and when the T-Bird U-joints need greasing?

What total weight do you normally carry and what are the settings of your rear shock preload?

How many miles, and how much time do you have on your front springs?

And are they; stock, Progressive, Traxxion or other?

If you have experienced both new Progressive, Traxxion or other aftermarket fork springs, which did you prefer?

Have you modified the anti-dive, and if so did you tune it or completely eliminate it?

What is your current unloaded ground clearance?

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Thanks. It would be great if Hannigan put together a relatively service and maintenance manual, and used 90 degree grease fittings where you can't get to the regular fittings.
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