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Morning to all,
I have a 2005 GL1800. I built a handlebar mount for my satillite radio then bought a 12 volt converter. Since I didn't have a three pin connector to fit to the converter, I simply stripped the wires back and stuck them into the female plug under the left fairing pocket then taped them a temporary fix until I could find the right connector. Well, the thing worked like a charm and I had no problems with it for about a year. Then I located the proper connector, affixed it to the wires on the converter and plugged it up. Blew out my converter. I ordered another converter...with a fuse. Blew the fuse...Could I have reversed the polarity here and if so, what do I do to correct it? Any ideas out there as to what my problem might be? It seems so odd that while jury rigged it worked fine then when done properly it blows....
Thanks for any suggestions
bj max
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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