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I bought this seat used, here on the forum. It was set up for a 5' 10" rider of 180 lbs. [I'm 5'8" and 160 -so close enough].

A little hard to mount up until I removed the passenger backrest but then it went right on. First impression [confirmed in use] is that it sits the rider about 1 inch back. Rather than flat it has a rounded appreance but this dissappears in use. Smooth vinyl that allows you to shift around when you want to.

Did a little over 2k on a 3 day trip over the weekend. Not as good as a real custom saddle but much improved over stock.

I damaged the muscle in my right buttock about 15 years ago riding on a compressed seat and pan. On long days this is the first place to cause me pain. On the stock saddle with 40k miles on it I got pain in 3-4 hours.

Was able to use the Hartco for 12 hours before this same pain came and I wasn't squirming all over as the day progressed.

Would I buy again? A definite YES unless I could afford a real custom saddle like a Russell.
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