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Has anyone painted thier bike

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Hey guys I was thinking about what what it would take to paint the wing this winter and I have seen those one quarts of paints at the auto stores,now I am not talking about the three dollar spray cans but the quarts of paint that you need a reel paint gun and a compressor.I want to hear from you home garage painters,any thoughts?
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My wifes trike is about to be deplasticsized (I made up a word) and painted. I tihnk the painter who is a custom motorcycle paint guru is walking around saying "must disassemble". I watch too many odd movies

I'll let you know but he says the process of removal and reassembly is more than prep and paint.
There was a professional body shop guy here who did it and said he'd never do it again.. The results were great, but he underestimated how much work it would be to remove all the colored parts..

He painted the bike the Corvette anniversary copper color!!! It was beautiful!! (Of course it looked a lot like the '02 Orange though) :?
A lot of places will spray the parts for $1500, $5k if they have to remove/install the plastic.
I've read a couple times what a PITA it is to disassemble all the colored pieces from the bike and paint them. I've had mine torn down quite a ways in the past, as I'm sure alot of us have. I don't think it would be that big a deal to remove and replace parts, but my paint skills are certainly not up to par to do the painting myself.
My old 85 Aspencade was repainted a forest green. It turned out real nice and cost about $300. It was a job taking the plastic off. I can see why they would charge a lot more for that.

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The worst part about repaint is after all that work and money in a year or two it will all be for nothing because it will look like crap whithin that length of time.
Thanks guys
I was thinking of what it would take to remove all of the plastic myself but I think the most important is I am not a painter and I am afraid of it would look like sh*t in 3 months,my paint on the bike is great but you know how it is you just want a different color.
I repainted my GL1500 about 4 yrs ago and it came out fantastic. Always received positive comments because I went with a shade of blue never available on the Goldwing. With today's easy-to-use base/clear products, I was able to remove all the plastic and do various pieces in my garage at my own pace through the winter. I then bought a good buffer and wet-sanded/buffed the parts. The result was a "smooth as glass" finish. I actually left the main portion of the fairing on the bike as I didn't want to get into wiring issues. It was pretty easy to cover up the rest of the bike while painting the fairing, and saved me some hassle.

There really are a lot of parts once you start to break it down - but, if you have all winter, it makes a nice project. I sold the bike about 2 yrs later when I upgraded to the '05. The 1st person who saw it immediately bought it. Paint still looked like brand new. The nice thing about this type of project is that you learn how easy it is to fix scratches. You know exactly that you can often simply buff out or - if you have a more serious mark, how to wet-sand out, (reshot some colour/clear if required) and buff back to like-new appearance.

I would not recommend attempting a candy colour though. You need to know what you're doing there, or you will end up with a mess. Just pick a great solid or metallic colour that you like....its not a difficult job from a technical standpoint at all...

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You remove the parts but I highly suggest you let a professional painter do the application.
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