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Yes we used to sell those about 2 years ago but we stopped they will work on your 2009 without too many problems but they can be pretty sensitive to different iPods and they will not control the ipod in the way you are hoping performance can be a little hit and miss.

This seller seems fairly good if you notice from the advert they are telling you some of the limitations 'Provides up/down control of iPod or iPhone into your factory radio/navigation display. Pre-set your iPod/iPhone manually to playlist, and enjoy playing up and down from your handlebars"

If you just want to change tracks or just start the iPod going and charge it then then you should be good, if you want something that works then you need the Soundgate box or the new J&M unit seems very capable

Yes they cost more but you only get what you pay for and this is very much the case with these items.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts