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Yes. I wear them from time to time when I wear jeans or need to do something and don't want the MC gear on. They are a bit warm, but not much more so than jeans. As far as "road" testing them, sorry haven't felt the need to try that one out. The armor is decent, but not sure how it rates as far as CE. They do seem pretty meaty when dropping to a knee to check tires and such, but that is a far distance from an uncontrolled come to pavement meeting. They seem that they would help a lot with impact and as long as you stayed on the pads, they might help. They don't advertise to be abrasion resistant per say.
I feel comfortable with then under Draggin Jeans.


One more thought. The tailbone pad is double padding and is a nice touch. That is a spot that seems to be neglected, can easily be injured and has a long undignified recovery. Found that out the hard way. :oops:
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