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Sure like having a bike with a trunk.

This morning the 2008 HHR battery gave up. It turns out the battery is located just in front of the rear bumper in the cargo area. To access the battery you simply:

  1. Take out the mat
  2. Take out the shelf
  3. Remove the large screw-on washer holding the trunk cover
  4. Remove the trunk cover
  5. Remove the wing nut
  6. remove the jack handle
  7. Remove the jack
  8. Remove the spare tire
  9. Disconnect the batter terminals
  10. Remove the two battery hold downs
  11. Disconnect the battery vent hose
  12. Take out the bad battery.

  • Go to Sears and buy the only one they have in the proper size which happens to be the "Gold model." So named because its cost is roughly the same as if you bought the same weight in actual gold.
  • Hop back on the Wing and bring your shiny new battery home.
  • Repeat all the procedures above in reverse.
  • Check to see if it works (It does)
  • Notice a tiny paper that says to use the red plug you just threw away to fill the extra vent hole on the other side of the battery.
  • Go back to step one and start over.

If it wasn't for the ride back and forth to Sears it would have been avery bad start to the day.

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I put battery for my Grand Marquis in the saddlebag! Unlike your car, mine was easy stuff but! New battery died after a week and I had to do the swap out again..
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