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I have never taken my 05 wing anywhere by any means than riding it but I guess there come a time when we have to do something different. I have hauled other bike that were out of commission in the back of a truck but they did not have all of the tupperware on them that the wing has.
I am going to take my wing for a ride in my F-150 and don't want to screw anything up - How should I Tie / Strap it down? Pictures would help


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Do some searches on the web as there are several folks that make wheel chocks and tie down systems
and even lifts for getting the bike into a big truck.
They have info on their sites about the best ways to tie down a wing.
I have a custom "ride-in" trailer so telling you the details
of how I do mine won't help you much.
When I tied mine down the conventional way,
I used ratchet straps and tie down loops.
I put a strap over each side of the lower triple tree inside the fork tubes
and put both end loops over the hook on the ratchet strap.
Then I ran those two front end ratchet straps out to floor D-rings
at an angle that prevented the straps from rubbing either the fairing or the fender.
They also were angled to pull forward on the bike to pull it into the wheel stop
that kept the bike from going any further forward.
On the rear, I took off the two side panels just under the seat (one covers the battery)
and looped another tie down loop through the frame tube where it runs down
at an angle towards the front.
It's a tight fit but you can work the end of the strap through.
Both loop ends went into another ratchet strap hook and those left and right side straps
went down to floor d-rings
that made the strap pull rearward on the bike.
I then ratcheted the straps down until the suspension was under load
and the bike didn't want to bounce around.
I also wrapped duct tape around the hooks so if a strap got a little loose,
the hook would not slip off the D-ring.
It's a big, heavy, very long bike and unlike harley's and German shepherds,
it doesn't like to ride in the back of pickups. :lol:
Unless you have a low rider,
it's a long way up there for 800 pounds.
Unless you have an eight foot bed,
it's going to stick out the back a couple of feet.
If it's an option, put it on a small trailer instead of in the bed of the truck.
There are probably as many opinions on how to trailer a Wing as there are
opinions on oil, wax and crush washer torque. :lol: :lol:

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You will bend the me, I know! But it certainly can be done without too much trouble. Oh BTW be very careful using the Ford tie down hooks, they are mainly there for looks only. Not very strong. Just MHO.


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another thing you can do is,get a peice of at least 3/4 or 1 in thick by 8 foot long plywood to add strengh to tailgate. that way you put the weight on thicker surface to hold more weight. tailgate alone will not surport that weight safely.
also do not let the tailgate hang down as the gate will bend while loading it. keep plywood on floor at all times while loading and unloading.
take your time loading and unloading. 900 lbs is hell if you lose control .
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