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First........ anyone have experience with First Gear's Kathmandu jacket and pants. I have a set of First Gear mesh and can't say enough good about them. I really don't think I like the water bladder set up on the Kathmandu but I like the looks of the jacket..........

Or is the Killimanjaro jacket the way to ..go...

and here are the Kathmandu pants.

I am planning a trip to AZ in early part April and want something warm and dry.

Now for the next question......... like I said above I am planning a trip to Phoenix AZ in April. Leaving from south east WI. How far south will I have to travel to miss snow in higher elevations???

Interstate 40 west or will I have to travel further south.

Thanks in advance..... Lee....

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Back in 2003 my wife and I bought matching Kilimanjaro jackets. Since then both have travelled a good portion of the USA in good weather and bad. Both have travelled to Europe.

I do ride more than my wife and mine has become sunfaded, the velcro on the sleeves does not work as easily as when new(you have to be sure you get the two pieces connected). It is still waterproof when properly sealed.

My wife just saw the new HiViz Kilimanjaro and insisted I get one at one of the Motorcycle Shows. We did get a great deal! The zippers are supposed to be waterproof and they have changed some things to include the back zipper for air. Now you can open or close it with the jacket on.

The wife and I have ridden with these jackets in sub 20 degree weather and into the 90s. Obviously I recommend the jacket so highly that I bought a new one!

We also have the HT overpants which provide some protection and are also waterproof.
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