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HDL Thanksgiving Week Sale

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Enter the code of 43210 into the coupon code space in your online order and receive an extra 10% Discount on eligible items.

Applies to products listed at only. No other websites are eligible.

1. Sale starts Friday November 17th, at 6PM and ends Monday, November 27th at 8AM. All times Eastern.

2. Additional discounts not available on the following brands: Dunlop Tires, Big Bike Parts, Brand X, Honda Oils and Chemicals, & Hopnel.
3.Sale does not apply to previous orders

4. No other discounts or offers can be combined with this sale.

5. If there is anything about the sale that you don't agree with then please do not participate in this sale.

We appreciate your business. Thanks for becoming part of our online communities. DIRECT LINE
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Problem taking the order

Hal and everyone HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Reason I post is I may not be only one having a problem placing my order on HDL. The cart is not updating to reflect a CL-15 helmet (or any helmet for that matter I have tried from HJC except the cymax). How do I place it for the sale now? Glich in the website I guess as I have tried all 3 computers we have.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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