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Hello Fellow Gold Wing Riders,

I've been playing with my throttle again! I just can't leave it alone. Lately, it's gotten really bad: I'll just be riding down a straight road and next thing I know, I'm seeing how little I have to roll off to make the bike's weight shift forward. Then, I'll get an urge, and I'll have to see how little it takes to make my thing, my bike, stand up and tilt a bit onto the back tire.

Then, I started playing with the throttle in the corners! I was trying to see just how little forward weight shift I needed to make the bike want to turn going in at the corner entrance. Roll off--just a smidgen. Lean. Let the bike settle. Roll on--just a smidgen. Even when I didn't do it exactly right, it still felt good.

At first I would roll off entering a corner and the bike would just hang there, lifeless, dangling halfway between falling in and holding a line. It was pitiful. It would just hang there for, gosh, a second or two! By then, half the time, I'd already blown the corner. Zoom. Past the apex. I felt like, "Gosh, I guess I should roll on now." Then it came to me, Ah-hah!

I started seeing how soon AFTER turning I could roll on. How MUCH did I need to let my giant motor rest before I could use it again. I found there is a point, some certain amount of time, different in every corner, before I really COULD roll on. Not that I'm not ready to go again right away, but the bike just didn't always feel settled, it wasn't always pointed where I wanted it to be pointed. You know? I found that the less I do, the more it goes like this: Roll off--just a smidge. Lean. The bike is already settled so roll on--just a smidge.

So, that's my story. I hope I don't go blind from riding like this, but it just feels so darned good that I don't know how to make myself stop.
But braking is a subject for another post.
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