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There are several that work with half helmet but J&M and EdSets seem to be the most common ones in use today. You need to order the right one if you go with J&M since they are not convertible between the different styles i.e. half, 3/4, or full face. The EdSets are convertible between the 1/2 and 3/4 helmets but you need a different set (or parts) for full face. Most systems now come with little inter-component connectors so you can replace a blown speaker or a microphone without buying the whole system.

I have used J&M in the past and they put out an excellent product. The problem is that in the past, they thought they are selling gold and charge you an arm, a leg, and several other body parts! I think I remember prices in the $295 range. They now have EdSets as direct competition and they have rolled back their prices to stem the hemorrhage of customers over to the new guy.

When buying a J&M headset, you have to figure in the cost of the attachment cord that is specific to your brand of M/C. For the Wing, that was about $50 over the cost of the headset in prior years. That has now dropped to $22.99.

This link shows you the half helmet model in the "value priced" line for $169: ... BCD277-KHH
Add their helmet cord HC-PB is $22.99 (on the same page) to get a working product.

J&M "Elite" series are not available for half helmets but their price is $229.99. These also require the helmet cord sold separately.

I have switched over to EdSets:
They give me similar performance to the J&M. The EdSets are the same as the J&M "value priced" line but they come with a cord as part of the package. I think their sound is much better than the J&M value priced units but not quite equals the sound of the "Elite" series IMHO. Another feature of the EdSets is that you don't have to trash your headset if you buy a different helmet. You can just buy the pieces that are different.

I have had several failures of the EdSet system but I have yet to pay for any of the repairs. I just had a wire brake after about 2 years of use and he sent me a coupon for a free replacement off their web site. It only cost me ~$4 for shipping of a $37 part. You can hardly pay for that kind of customer service now-adays, let alone get it as part of your regular purchase price that is very competitive.
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