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This won't help you much, but I've been building headsets ever since I've been riding 2-up.

Anyway, I found the wing icom system uses a very old technology microphone (dynamic) which were used in the first generation of CB radios. Wing has not changed their icom design. This element is essentially a speaker. So when I saw the $150+ price tags, I went to radio shack and bought a $3 sub mini speaker and wired up my own.
I use a 1/2 helmet with ear-buds.
I installed a second connector up by the front microphone DIN connector just for audio out, and I use this alone for 1-up riding for music and radio, and then for 2-up along with the mic.

Why someone would want to charge $150+ for $20 in electronic parts is beyond me. :(
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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