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I had my wing triked and with doing that the rear sit higher than factory with the headligh adjuster all the way up its not far enough can you change the adjustment somehow the shine on high beam as if you where on low beam.

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1. If you had a rake kit installed, fork extenders should have been included to set the front height correctly.
2. Your installer should have reaimmed your headlamps for you.

Proper headlamp aim is achieved by adjusting the upper(high) beams.
Bike needs to be on a level floor, standing upright, loaded as you normally ride. (re, 1up-you for most), with pre load set as you ride 1up, placed 25' from a wall to the headlamp lens in front of the upper beam. I would suggest the auto adjust dial be set in the middle position for this aiming.
Measure the distance from the floor up to the center of the upper beam bulbs. Mark this height on the wall and draw a horizontal line at this height.
Sight a point on the wall that is on the centerline of the bike. Draw a vertical line on the wall placed on this center line.
turn on the upper beams.
Cover one of the headlamps.
Use the manual adjusters accessed from under the fairing.
Adjust the vertical until the hot spot of the upper beam bulb is just under the horizontal line on the wall.
Adjust the horizontal until the upper beam hot spot is just to the right of the vertical line on the wall.
Cover the headlamp just completed, and repeat procedure on the other headlamp.
Make a small mark on the auto adjust panel so you can return to the 1up setting.
Now have both headlamps uncovered and have the usual passenger you carry sit on the bike w/you, set the preload for 2up, and dial in the auto adjust dial for proper aim and mark that position on the panel by the dial. You can repeat this for loaded 1up, loaded 2up, trailer, etc.
You get what you get for low beam aim depending on how good the headlamp design was to start with!
Procedure was written for 2-wheelers but, is usable for trikes also.
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