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The first post is right on, push the console button for headphones and the intercom the same.
I did have a problem once,( CB ) if you have a rear passenger remote
transmit CB button (PTT),. My wife was talking to me on the intercom and she decide to transmit on the CB with this PTT button and after her transmitted message the button stuck due to some road grit just as we ended our ride. Unbeknowing to us this locked up my display and I couldn't change channels and the volume was unresponsive at the beginning of the next ride when I discovered the problem.. :eek:4: WOW what to do! I posted a help notice here an a good hearted soul came to the rescue--so I am passing this on to anyone that listens.:yes1:

By the way, an idea. ICE
Place an entry in your cell phone of emergency contact numbers of loved ones, spouses, an home for emergency care workers/doctors/etc. in case you're alone and need assistance.

(In Case of Emergency) I.C.E. Spouse ; I.C.E. Home; etc
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