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i dont care so much about taking video, but i very much would like to take high quality still pics. currently my system consists of a small point and shoot camera straped around my neck, and cruise control. Not the safest way to go :?. Although ive gotten alot of great pictures!

I thinking about a camera that can mount on my helmet, waterproof would be nice, with a remote control that i could mount on the handlebars. I had this with a rather large sony camera, the remote was wired to the camera, allowed me to turn on and off the camera, zoom and take the pic. With controls all right by the grips, so it was much safer. the problem was the camera was too large to mount on my helmet, it was mounted on the handlebars which limits what you can take a picture of.

I usually take a lot of pictures when going on a long trip, so with 10-12 hours in the saddle, i kind of need to be able to turn on the camera quickly and easily, when i see something i want to take a picture of, then turn it back off.

I figure i can sacrifice zoom if i can find a high MP camera, the zoom and crop latter in photoshop

Thanks in advance,

Thanks in advance for any input
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