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I have 2 helmet unlock solenoids for sale. The solenoids are mounted in a custom 3D printed mount, printed in high- strength PLA plastic. I will sell 1 for $100 and 2 for $180, plus shipping. The solenoids can be held in place and tested until you are sure the location is correct. They can be mounted with double-sided tape or for a more secure install, drill and mount with the supplied screws. These solenoids can be triggered using the remote keyfob and can be triggered by the horn call or unlock lines. You cannot connect directly to the trigger line. You will need a relay with a flyback diode. I can supply that for an additional $25. A full kit with fuse, wiring, connectors, relay and two solenoids is $250. Each mount requires over 10 hours to print. I am not doing this to run a business. I'm filling a need since there is no alternative available. The sample was printed in blue for visibility. You can request blue or black.

These solenoids can be manually triggered by pushing the button at the end of the solenoid.

I will accept payment by PayPal. I will include instructions and provide technical support. PM me if you are interested.


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