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One side of the bar is probably marked in ft/lbs, the other in newton meters. If you look in the shop manual it will give you the torque in one or the other. One set of numbers on the bottom part that you twist is ft/lbs the other newton meters. When you screw it in the zero on the dial will match one of the marks on the bar. Then you can add or subtract up or down from zero to get the exact setting. On mine the the bottom in marked one through 10 ft/lbs. I can screw it up to match the fifty mark on the bar and then turn it 5 more lbs to get 55. The newton meters are strange measurements and I have no idea what they mean but you can add and subtract them the same way. Or if in doubt there is always hand tight, arm tight and all you've got.;)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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