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Several years ago while on our way home from a trip to Oklahoma, we usedour GPS to find a campground on the south side of Kansas City. I am not sure ifit was in Kansas or Missouri. The best I can remember we were traveling eastboundand turned to the right off on an exit just as I-435 turns back to the east.
We drove south on a 2 lane highway for a few miles in arural area. We then turned left off the highway and went down a gravel roadand up a small hill. As we made a sharp turn to the right into the campgroundthere was a small pond. On the east side of the campground there was fairlybusy road.
I have checked my new GPS, Garmin City Navigator2014 and searcheson Google, but have never found the campground again.
Does this sound familiar to anyone?
this sounds like you were coming down I-29 the took I-435 past the race track and turned west at K-10 in Olathe. I live right there in that area but am not sure what campground that would be? Are you looking at stopping at that campground again on a trip? the area has really built up in the last few years, when was it you stayed there.
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