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Help Needed

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The seal is out on the left tube of my 08's front fork. Who in Wichita has experience in changing them. I am mechanically inclined, just have not done much on a motorcycle. I would be willing to assist if someone could show me how to do this. Is it time to go with all balls and would I benefit installing progressive front suspension? Ever since new my front end seemed to be really severe. I have 25,000 miles on it. Thanks
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I am not much help from Lawrence but I replaced my shocks on my '08 with the Progressive Monotubes and have been very pleased.
Buckskin is a dues paying sponsor on this board and has a fork exchange deal where he ships you a rebuilt pair of forks with the Progressive Monotube setup installed, ready to hang on your bike. Do your swap and send him your old ones back. Send him a PM and see what pricing he has on them.

Figure you need about a $100 for rebuild parts just to fix your current problem. Then price the PMTs and see what Buck is going to cost you for doing all the dirty-work part of the job. Swapping out the fork assemblies is pretty straight forward, pull front wheel, unbolt all the brake stuff, loosen 6 bolts and slide the forks out. Put it back together quick, before you forget which bolt went where! Folks like me take pictures before we start.

Really, any upgrade, even just better springs is going to be an improvement over OEM. In my opinion, PMTs is a good bang for the buck. I don't doubt Traxxion is better, just out of my price point, so I went with PMT.

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I missed the All Balls question. That goes a lot deeper into the bike to pull the steering stem and replace bearings and races. A special socket is needed to properly torque the nut. A bit of previous experience seating races helps. I did it just 'cause when I was in there many miles ago. But if you are not having a decel wobble or some other steering issue, I not sure you would want to dig that deep.

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