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I have had my Zumo 550 since July 2007. Current Firmware is 4.60 downloaded yesterday. Other Software Versions are as follows:

Audio Version: 1.90
GPS SW Version: 2.90
Bluetooth SW Version: 3.40
(are these current and what does SW refer to anyway)

I want to buy an upgrade or new map syatem for my Unit and had ordered the 2009 Version but someone sent me a PM stating that a 2010 Version will be out in April '09 so I cancelled my order. Is this info correct?

Garmin is showing a New MapSource CD on their web site but there is no date associated with this. It is also priced at $99.00.
To be frank, there are so many maps, software and the like that it is getting confusing for me to keep my 2007 Zumo up to date.

Any help and detailed explaination anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.:confused:

Also, what is the current Honda Built in GPS map now available?:confused:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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