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Here's one for you.

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This is just a bit off topic but, it's worth a little look-see. Some of you may or may not have already seen this. If not, it's a crack-up. Picture yourself a little tired, been on the road for quite a few hours, it's almost dusk, or could be early in the morning and your not ready for this in your rear view mirror. If it comes through ok. I'll be amazed. Not much of a Goldwing topic but, just a little break in the routine. Enjoy.
P.S. I tried to load one taken from the front, It's a skull and it looks UGLY comming at ya. But, for some reason, it won't load up. Not sure why. Anyway you get the point.
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That is real piece of art work! Cool.
I understand that it was supposed to have been built by an Orthopedic Surgeon. No proof but, that's what I have read. No biggie. It's still kind-a cool. I'm no chopper fan but that's a lot of work and I appreciate creativity and hard work.
Ditto, fire up!
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