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Hi way 85 thru Williston

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Anyone have any info on Hiway 85 thru Williston, going south, traffic and road conditions , for a trip in June
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Familiar with the area. It will busy.....
fellow member Gismo lives in williston he would be the one to contact and ask him. From what I understand Highway 85 is under construction again this year. Has been for a couple years now. Some areas they are building 4 lanes.

all I have to say is to be real careful in this area, lots of truck traffic. Last summer when I was on 85 I took a large rock in the pickup windshield. That would have hurt on the bike.
The oil rig pigs are still driving like idiots, taking the whole road wherever they want and driving like they were still out in the middle of a field with no controls.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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