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2003 in for throttle cables. The customer stated that he had just replaced his own air filter.

Here is the deal. Often poor fitment from aftermarket parts cannot be spotted unless other parts are removed. In this case the fuel tank is out to remove the air-box to replace all 3 throttle cables.

After I reinstalled the HiFlowFiltro air filter, I discovered that the air-box and lid were not seated correctly. Sure enough, upon further inspection, on one side, the lid will not seat because the aftermarket air filter's plastic frame is too small. The assembly fits together correctly with an OEM air-box, OEM air-box lid, and OEM air filter.

In general ... aftermarket parts causes the installer to always be on the "hook" for having to make sure the parts fit correctly. Unless the installer is aware of all the different ways that a simple part may not fit or work correctly afterwards, it is best to stay away from them and only use OEM parts.

In almost all cases here are JustWings, we only use OEM parts. There are some exceptions to that rule, such as Tapered Steering head bearings.
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