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Sierra Vista, Arizona

Historical Soldiers Interment Service and Observance
May 16th, 2009 at 10:00 a.m.

Over 50 Cavalry and Infantry Soldiers and dependants from the 1860 – 1884s, will be interred at the Southern Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery’s (SAVMC) new Historical Memorial Section.

During 2006, Pima County archeologists recovered these remains underneath a parking lot in down town Tucson from an abandoned military cemetery. Many of these soldiers were directly involved in early campaigns, such as the battle of Picacho Peak, Geronimo campaigns, and some Civil War engagements through out the Territory of Arizona.

Friday May 15th the VFW Riders will lead a motorcycle escort honoring these soldiers and their families. The escort will be from Tucson to Sierra Vista.

May 16th, 2009 SAVMC will have a Special Memorial Observance and Interment Service for these soldiers and dependants to memorize and honor them. Many period re-enactors, US Army and Veterans Organizations will participated in this historic special occasion to honor these historic soldiers from the past.
For further ceremony information , please contact SAVMC 520-458-7144.

For more information on the motorcycle escort, please contact Dan Ferguson at 520-236-9909 or [email protected].

Southern Arizona Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery
1300 Buffalo Soldier Trail
Sierra Vista, AZ, 85635. PH 520-458-7144
Fri 15 May
Event Arrive Depart POC Remarks
Meet at staging 1130 John Andruszka Houghton Rd
area VFW Riders (I-10 Exit 275) in
Park and Ride Area
On N. side of exit

Safety Brief 1200 John Andruszka
VFW Riders

Escort Arrives 1215 1225 Brian Dews Trucks will slow
VFW Riders down so the
motorcycles can
get in front of them

Arrive SAVMC 1430 – 1500 Joe Larson Begin downloading
Sierra Vista, AZ SAVMC and staging of

Casket placement 1500 1700 Joe Larson Release 5-tons
SAVMS when downloaded

Stage Campers 1700 John MacDuffie 2 campers for
VFW / VFW Riders guards

Guard Duty 1800 0800 Dave Schreiner VFW Riders
VFW Riders are POC for
overnight security

Sat 16 May
Final Preparations 0800 1000 Joe Larson

Ceremony 1000 1100 Bob White Event Coordinator
SAVMC Foundation

Area Clean-up 1100 TBD Joe Larson

Note 1) We will be escorting the remains to a State Cemetery and have been requested to have a NO FIREARMS RULE FOR BOTH DAYS.

Note 2) If you plan to participate in the escort on May 15, 2009, please contact Dan Ferguson at [email protected] or 520-236-9909 no later than May 12, 2009. We need to give the police escorts a good number for motorcycles participating.

Note 3) Escort speed will not exceed 45 m.p.h as we will be flying flags on the motorcycles during the escort. Route will be using Hwy 83, Hwy 82, and Hwy 90. We will be on I-10 for only 5.5 miles at 45 m.p.h. From Houghton Rd exit to SAVMC is only 70 miles – no gas/rest stops expected.


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I think it would be an honor to go, but I work every other week and I have to work that Friday. If it was the following week I'd say yes.

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i think it is too, we'll be going for sure.....
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