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Received as an e-mail from DOT:

SR 20 (MP148-17 North Cascades Highway Chip Seal
Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., expect up to 10 minute delays with flagger controlled traffic where crews are raising guardrail to standard between Early Winters Information Center and Silver Star Gate, west of Mazama.
In this $2.7 million project, Central Washington Asphalt Co. crews are resurfacing 30 miles of highway over Washington and Rainy Passes as well as updating safety features including bringing guardrail up to current standards. Work began June 8 and will be complete by October.
Project Engineer: Eric Pierson (509) 667-2870
I should tell you that the chip seal project was originally planned to be a Monday through Thursday job, but starting this late, we had to extend the work to include Fridays so they can be done before it starts snowing again. Another note regarding the chip seal: a layer of fine gravel (much smaller than the paving gravel under it) and another layer of asphalt (oil) will be included on this resurfacing job to provide quieter pavement and a better surface for bicycles. When the paving starts, we're even transporting bikes and pedestrians through the work zone - it's safer for everybody.

There's also a third construction project scheduled this summer that I failed to include in the last e mail because I got confused (surprise!). Making a long story short -I thought there was only one, but it turns out there are two seperate drainage repair projects on the west side of Rainy Pass. One is the dinky job I told you about about 2 miles from the summit (which is in my region) and another is a big multi million dollar project about 8 miles further west (in Dustin's region). The details on that project are as follows:
Rainy Pass: SR 20 (MP 145) Barrier Creek culvert replacement
We will replace the damaged twin culverts at Barrier Creek with one culvert to stop the road from settling and improve drainage. Project cost: $3.3 million
Begin construction: This summer as snow melt allows. End construction: By Labor Day weekend – Sept. 2

:? Just for everyones information.
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