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What a group Steve promised double your money back if not satisfied with the rally I'm more than satisfied let me tell you a story of a great time and new friends.
Karen and I made it home just fine. Safe and sound. We didn't make any definite plans for this trip to Texas, just decided to play it by ear and have fun. We had a great time Friday and Saturday. We went to LBJ Ranch and then to Fredricksburg, and on to Llano for the world's best BBQ ever! On the way back to Marble Falls the bike didn't feel right. It had a wobble in the rear end, didn't notice it at speed, but felt it speeding up or slowing down. When we got to the parking lot I put the bike up on the center stand and realized the back tire belts had seperated and were beginning to delamenate. Talked to Steve about locations of Honda Dealers, none of which were open until Tuesday. But, found out that someone there had a tire that they were going to have the wheel chromed. Paul Smith had the tire and wheel that he said he would swap my bad one for his good one. And, Dick Meyer had the tools and a tork wrench and Barney Stephens had a lift. By the time I got the trailer unhooked and the bike moved to Paul's truck, they had the rest of it together. In 10 to 15 minutes the good tire and wheel were put on and we were ready for the drawings. What a group of people! Thanks to everyone who helped. People you never met before came to your aide and became good trusted friends. Maybe someday I can do this for someone else.
Oh, by the way, be sure to ask Ben about how his antenna got bent. It didn't have anything to do with this story, but it was hillarious to hear.
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