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Honda Heated Grips (Chrome)

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I have a 06 wing. I want to install the Honda Chrome Heated Grips.I want to replace my stock heated grips. How hard is the install. I have heard you have to take the radiator out? Sounds crazy but who knows. Thanks Buzz
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If your bike came with the comfort package and you want to replace those with these ,
I would think it would be plug and play
Yea, I would like to know for sure on this. You would think it would be a plug and play deal.
Guess what kids!!!
I just had the exterme pleasure of this task this weekend.!
To start with, I did not take off all the stuff as shown in the Honda instructions.
If not mechanically savy, I would not tackle this job myself.
The instruments have to come out, and the wires run down to connectors that are buried between the right side radiator and frame.
The way I did it is, now let me include I am a Jeep/Chrysler tech, so I have tools like flex sockets and curved pliers, stuff everybody may not have in thier garage.
I did not take the radiator out, I took the front cover off, (the black piece) and the lower cowl, moved the right side abs pump a little out of the way, unbolted and moved one ignition coil out of the way, the purge solenoid out of the way, and then with a long pair of curved needle nose you can get to and grab the connectors one at a time, with a long 90 degree pick you can unhook the lock and unplug the connector.
Have the new one routed down already and while holding the harness, reach in and plug the new one in.
You will never get both hands in there to do this.
You have to unplug a bunch of connectors by the abs unit.
The only other way I saw to do this, is to do this is to indeed take the right side radiator out, and not having drain buckets and things in my home garage, (and patience to do all that just for heated grips), I was not about to do that.
Also, I tend to look at things and try to figure out what the easiest of simplest way might be.
This job really depends on your comfort level of diving in and 'moving' stuff out of the way, and having it all go back together when you're done.
Ironically, when I was working on this , my wife came in to ask how it's going, and my reply was, that I hate this bike, because everything seems to be designed in a manner that they want you to look at it, and say to yourself, the heck with this, I'm just going to pay the dealer to do this.
Other than that, the grip install is pretty straight forward, the only other sticking point is taking apart the switch pod to install the throttle sleeve, you need a little ingenuity to release both cables from the old sleeve without bending or damaging them.
Other than that it's a piece of cake.:joke:
Took one ride with them and they are comfortable.
One more thing make sure you try them dry first, because the end weights have to line up with the grip ends and you need to install them in just the right spot.
Hold the end weight with your hand when you try to take the screw out, or the whole bushing turns in the bar.
Overall, not terrible, but way more complicated than it needs to or should be.
The connectors ahould more readily accesible than they are.
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