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Honda has a new PDF Brochure on the website. We got some nice plugs for our VTX Chopper and our Nicky Hayden GL1800 Replica. Honda will have the Cobra VTX and the Jesse James VTX with us. I think thats some great company to be a part of. ... 20info.pdf

P.S. After reading the brochure it looks like the good folks at the factory are going all out to make this a great event. If you can't find something to do or see this year then you just aren't trying.

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"Customized Honda Showcase
Honda Direct Line is building two very unique motorcycles for 2004.
A VTX1800C has been converted into one of the coolest choppers ever built. The second bike is
a Honda GL1800 Gold Wing. It has been used to create a replica of the Honda RC51 that Nicky
Hayden rode to the championship.
Keep an eye out for the VTX1800 Cobra Special Project and the Jessie James VTX1800.
Anyone with a customized Honda bike is invited to show it off at the showcase being held in the
Welcome Center throughout the event." ... 20info.pdf
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