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Honda Offers Gold Wing "Alternatives"

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This was on the front page of Yahoo! New Honda Forza and Grom. The Forza is a new 300cc scooter. The Grom is a 125cc motorcycle. Lots of folks learned to ride on bikes like these and now they're available again. Would I buy one? Probably not, but the Grom might might a great bike for my son who just needs something to get his feet wet and get back and forth to work. To my eye, it's ugly in a cool, funky sort of way, and I like that.

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It's a shame that they put all their design effort into new bikes and ignore a 30+ year successful model.
Me arse aches jes'a look'n at that thar thang. It takes a community to get that seat out of a buttcrack.

I wonder if these are being built in China for Honda.


that is a beautiful job! Do you have any before pictures?
I am looking for a CB 750 to do the same thing.
one of the best bike I ever had, (actually had 2), and yours I beautiful. great job.
At 10 hp/8ft lbs of torque for $3000, the Grom is underpowered and overpriced. Even after all these years, the 250cc Honda Rebel is still a better choice.
I'd be very interested in a slide show, too, please.
A CB750 restoration is one of my goals, as well.
It's a shame that they put all their design effort into new bikes and ignore a 30+ year successful model.
Yes they do. I like the classics.

1981 CB900C 10 Speed I restored. (OEM paint is coming soon)

I'm working on restoring a 86 SEI right now too.
Christ this thing looks like it just rolled outta the showroom. Great job!
Great Job

Hey Rocky,

Every time I see this beautiful restoration job you did on this bike in memory of your brother I am amazed all over again. I know your brother would be very pleased by all the time and effort and most of all love you put into this project. Hope you are doing well. Come on up this way for a ride sometime.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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