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Honda Shadow Aero as a Second Bike?

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I am looking at a new bike for my SO. She is ready to move up from her Virago 250 which she was using to learn on. I like the Aero 750 because it is low enough for her to manage and big enough for me to ride around when I don't want to take the Wing.

Does anyone out there have one? If so, what are your thoughts?
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I bought my Wife an 07 Shadow Aero, her first bike.
She handles it well. (She took the Riders Safety Course, which is a great idea for any rider.)
I had thought of riding it some, back and forth to work. (44 miles one way)
But after riding the Goldwing for so long, and being used to the "Crotch Rocket" type of excelleration and performance, I just couldn't do it.
Its Slow and Sluggish, as I have been told is a trait of V Twins.
But, for her it is great, low to the ground for her short legs....
And I know she will never over throttle it right out from under her...

All in All .. Great Bike, just doesn't fit my riding style... FAST 8)

My second bike would be a CBR 1000 ....
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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