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Many year ago (about 1973) several of us were marking an enduro trail here in Mid-Missouri. We had just marked a tight wooded section and hit an old fire road to go back to the trucks for lunch.

Earl, who was a little wild anyway, took the lead on his new CanAm 250 MX with about 7 of us close behind. About 4th gear, I was something fall out of a tree, and I though, right in front of Earl.

To make a (what seemed to Earl) long story short, the squirrel landed in Earl's lap, and not the least bit happy to be there. The fall must have stunned the little critter some as, according to Earl, he didn't do much at first except latch on to Earl's private parts.

I don't know for sure what all went on, but from the rear it was quite a show. At one point Earl had both legs and arms flailing around, so I am guessing the brown rodent was ridding the CanAm.

Before it was all over, the bike, Earl, and the squirrel were out in the woods and quite happy to have parted company.

Oh, for a camcorder!
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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