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*Not sure why the one photo is upside down*

We took a 12 day trip from Houston to Niagara Falls, staying in a B&B on the Canadian side. Thought I'd give a little trip report.

*Summary for those who don't want to read the whole story*
17 states, plus Canada; 3,800 miles, only a little rain but got very close to that big storm in MO; Road some of the Natchez Trace again and the north part of Blue Ridge Parkway; Saw a lot of beautiful country; Really enjoyed the Canadian side of Niagara; Got a flat tire on the way home which delayed our expected 6:30pm arrival home to 3:00am.

We left on Friday, with plans to stay in Dickson, TN on Saturday night to meet up with some friends. We headed east on I-10 after rush hour traffic and cut up 165 through Alexandria, LA, then east to 28 to Natchez, MS. Up 61 to Port Gibson, then the Natchez Trace to Clinton, MS for the night. The next day we road up the Natchez Trace to Dickson.

On Sunday we road east on 40 to Knoxville, then jumped on 81 north. Decided to spend the night in Salem, VA near Roanoke. Very nice little town.

Because of time, on Monday we road up 81 to Staunton and then jumped on the Blue Ridge Parkway for the last 45 miles north. We found out later that the south part of the BRP is better, but we enjoyed the ride.

We then took I-70 north to I-76, zigged over to I-99 north. Cut across on 322 to I-80 and then took 219 north to Buffalo. Since we were ahead of schedule, we decided to stop for the night in Lantz, PA. This is basically only an intersection with a motel and restaurant.

After a relaxing evening, we then continued north on 219 to Buffalo and crossed into Canada on the Rainbow Bridge, which was very near our B&B.

Checked in and then hit the streets. We had purchased a 2-day, do-everything pass online which was well worth the money and highly suggested. It includes bus passes that will take you just about anywhere from the Falls up to Niagara On The Lake. About the only thing it does not include is the Skylon Tower.

After 2 1/2 days, on Friday we checked out and headed to Cincinnati through Canada to Detroit to meet up with some other friends.

On Saturday we participated in the Ride 4 Heroes motorcycle ride in Fairfield, OH. This is a great ride if any of you are every in the area during this ride. It was started in honor of our friends' son who was KIA in Iraq in 2005. It used to be called the Heroes Ride.

On Sunday we headed south to Louisville, then west on I-64 to I-57. We *almost* got caught in a Super Cell storm at the intersection, but with the radar on the bike we were able to see it coming. We picked up the speed and beat the storm literally by a couple of minutes.

South on I-57 to I-55 to I-40 and spent the night in Forrest City.

On Monday we headed on down I-40, I-30 to I-49, jumping on 79 in Shreveport and then 59 to Houston.

As we came out of Corrigan, the TPMS started to flash and then went solid. I pulled off 59, found a screw in the tire and knew we were one mile from a gas station. I used the pump I had to get the tire to 30lbs and headed to the gas station. (BTW, the little Slime pumps are not very valuable and I will get a larger one before our next trip.)

I aired up the tire to about 45lbs in hopes of getting to a tire shop just 5.5 miles away. It didn't work. We got one mile and the TPMS came back on, so I pulled over and called Road Side Service from Progressive. We were pleased that it only took 1.5 hours to get the tow truck and off to the tire shop.

They plugged the tire for a temporary fixed (mind you, we are only about 100 miles from home).

We stopped for supper in Cleveland and then headed home.

When we were 10 miles from home they plug failed and I pulled into a parking lot. It's 10:15pm now, so there's no way to tow it to a shop. (I called some friends to come pick up my wife and take her home, where she got the car and came back.)

A truck finally shows up around midnight. The driver is quite unsure about loading the bike and trailer, so I tell him "Thanks but no thanks." I'd rather wait for a competent driver.

I call Progressive back and they find another provider who finally shows up around 2:30am. We finish unloading at 3am. Quick shower and then bed!

It was a great trip! The problems we had could have been much worse and we are grateful for it only being minor, no one injured and not out in the middle of nowhere with no cell coverage.


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Great trip and ride report. One of my wife's best memories is when I took to Niagara Falls. Like you said, the Canadian side is beautiful!
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Glad ya'll had a great trip. The next time ya come up hwy 28, remember to honk as you go through Holloway,La.( Most people know it as Deville. It was the last stores passed before the final stretch to 84).
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